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You can make a planned trip by applying for and receiving a USA visa. Foreign nationals can apply for short-term visas, also known as non-immigrant visas, which include work, study, business, or leisure trips. Foreign visitors can also apply for long-term visas, typically called immigrant visas or green cards. 

Do I need a USA visa?

Anyone planning to travel to the US requires a USA visa. A few exceptions exist for countries exempt from obtaining a USA visa. Citizens from the following countries can enter the US without a USA visa:

  • Canada
  • Israel
  • Marshall Islands
  • Palau
  • Micronesia
  • Countries in the US Visa Waiver Program (except for Poland and Croatia)

US Visa Types

There are two main types of visas in the US:

  1. Non-immigrant visa
  2. Immigrant visa

Citizens eligible for the United States Visa Waiver Program do not have to apply for a visa to travel to the United States, but they must have electronic authorization (ESTA) if arriving by air or sea. Visitors can stay in the United States for up to 90 days.

How do I Apply for a US Visa?

You will apply for a visa for US at a Visa Application Center, US Embassy, or Consulate, depending on the entity accepting the visa application in your country of residence. If not available in your country, you should contact the nearest embassy or consulate.

You can also apply for a US visa by clicking our website's "Services" page. Then, you will need to enter your country of residency, where you currently reside, and the country you wish to visit. Once entered, you'll find options for the available types of USA visa. Depending on your country of residency, we can also offer urgent or super urgent processing, which provides a USA visa to you between 12 and 24 hours.

How do I Get a US Work Visa?

If you want to apply for a United States Work visa, you must obtain an invitation (letter of acceptance) from an organization or legal entity located in the United States. After receiving the invitation letter, you can apply for the appropriate US Work visa related to your position and job.

US Visa Interview Questions

Applicants between the ages of 14 and 79 must attend an interview in person with a consular officer. You must bring your appointment confirmation letter.

The interview with the consular officer is the last step which usually only lasts a few minutes. He or she should collect, enter the details and review the application before the interview. Your fingerprint will be scanned electronically.

The questions you will be asked during the interview may relate to your travel plans, the details of your trip (destination, date of departure, hotel where you will be staying, etc.), work, family life, documents, etc., may be relevant to you. There is no standard form or sequence for these questions. In short, the consular can ask you any questions they want about you, your life, and your travels. You may know the answer about your visa at the end of this interview, but additional administrative processing may sometimes be needed. 

How long does US visa interview take?

Plan to spend about 2-3 hours at an Embassy or Consulate while taking a US interview. After the initial interview, there will be a brief second interview with a consular officer. This interview should only last 5-10 minutes and is one of the final steps of the process. Then, your data and application will be reviewed one final time before approval. 

How much are the US Visa Fees?

US Tourist visa fee is USD 160 for all nationalities. Depending on your visa type, fees may vary, or you may have to pay additional fees. You will pay this amount online when you schedule your interview.

How long does it take to get a US visa?

Depending on which type of visa you apply for and who you apply through, you can expect a US visa with a processing time of 2-7 business days. Some companies also offer a sped up processing time, which can help get the turnaround time under one day. However, there is generally an additional fee for a US visa with a quicker turnaround.

How long does a US visa last?

Once approved, a US visa is typically good for a stay of up to six months. If you need an extension, you can apply for one. Upon approval, the extension will allow you to stay within the US for another six months. It's necessary that the reason for the extension matches the original reason for a US visa. Otherwise, you will likely not be granted an extension.

What is US ESTA?

ESTA is an acronym which stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. A US ESTA is not the same as a USA visa. An ESTA helps determines who is eligible for a US visit. Those who apply must either be an eligible national or a citizen of the countries which fall under the Visa Waiver Program. Those applying for a US ESTA generally receive their results between 2-3 business days. 

A US ESTA is ideal for those who:

  • Plan to stay in the US for less than three months
  • Those without a visitor visa
  • Travelers who wish to visit the US for business or pleasure

What is US ETA?

The US ETA is similar to an ESTA. However, it only applies to those who are traveling to Canada. This online authorization is only required by foreigners who plan to travel to the US and Canada. If this is the case, you can apply for an ESTA and ETA. Otherwise, an ESTA or visa will suffice for entry into the US. 

As a note, the ETA and ESTA do not guarantee entry into either country. Ultimately, a traveler can be denied entry to each country. In this case, travelers are typically allowed to apply for a visa from the embassy.

What is USA evisa?

Instead of carrying a physical copy of a visa alongside your passport while visiting the US, you can apply for a USA evisa. This type of visa is typically submitted to your email upon approval. There is no physical copy of the USA evisa, so you must show your digital copy while traveling. 

Which US visa is easy to get?

The easiest US visa to get is the B visa, which applies to those who wish to visit the US for business, pleasure, or healthcare. This is a short-term visa that is valid for up to six months. 

Who is eligible for a US visa?

Most people are eligible for a USA visa. However, the challenge is determining which type of the 185 best suits you and your travel intentions. Generally, a B1 or B2 visa is what most people apply for. These visas cover visits for pleasure, business, or healthcare. 

How much bank balance is required for US visa?

You may need to submit proof of funds when applying for a tourist visa. These funds differ depending on the length of your stay. For example, if you are traveling for 15 days, you will likely be required to have at least $5,000 in your bank account. This proof of funds is used to demonstrate to Embassy officials that you can support yourself and your travel needs while in the US.