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Ukraine visa types

There are three types of Ukraine visa:

  1. Transit (type B)
  2. Short stay (Type C)
  3. Long stay (Type D)


How to apply for Ukraine visa?

If you plan a trip to Ukraine and want to apply for a visa, all you need to do is visit our website by selecting the ‘’Services’’ section, where you can find all the required information. 


Ukraine visa requirements 

The requirements vary depending on the type of visa, the purpose you intend to come, and the duration of your stay.

An application form must be completed online and personally signed in two places by the applicant (or parent(s)/guardian(s) for minors)

Ukraine visa fees

The visa fee for Ukraine is US$66. The fee may vary depending on your nationality or the country where you have applied.


Do I need a visa for Ukraine?

You don't need to obtain a visa to Ukraine if you fall under the visa exemption category. You can visit our website under the ‘’Services’’ section, choose your nationality and see whether you need a visa or not.