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UAE Visa Types

There are presently 10 UAE visa types, which differ depending on your reason for visiting. Some primary types of visas include a tourist visa, multi-entry tourist visa, job exploration entry visa, and business exploration entry visa. Additionally, a UAE visa permits you to stay in the country for longer, such as the on-arrival visa extension and the inside-the-country visa. When submitting a visa application for the UAE, fees must be paid alongside the application. The approval of the visa application determines entry into the country.


Do I need a UAE Visa?

A UAE visa must be applied for before entering the country unless you are from a country that qualifies for a visa on arrival. Visa applications can be submitted online for any type of visa. Residents of many countries can use the online visa application service for a more convenient process. 

Those with family members who are residents of the UAE can have their relative apply for a visa on their behalf. This option is only available for residents of the UAE. It’s important to note that a visa application must be submitted for each person traveling to the UAE. 

Citizens from certain countries, such as Bahrain, do not need entry visas. In this case, a valid passport or ID is sufficient. However, it's more likely that you will need a passport for entry, as citizens of most countries do. 


UAE Visa Requirements

UAE visa requirements change depending on your country of residency and the visa you are applying for; in general, you will need the below items to apply for a visa.

  • Passport, which is valid for at least six months after the date of your arrival in UAE. 
  • A color picture that adheres to the photo requirements (i.e., matte finish, white background, etc.)
  • Airline ticket showing the planes for the person applying for the visa. 
  • Sponsor, which can include a friend, family member, or employer in the UAE. Additional sponsors include hotels, airlines, or travel agency
  • Copy of your PAN card for confirmation of identity
  • Travel insurance which notes the amount of money that has been reserved for any illness or injury during the trip

Additional requirements for those wishing to visit the UAE for business or work purposes:

  • Proof of profession via a company card or ID
  • A medical screening and documentation showing a healthy individual
  • Entry permit, which is from the Ministry of Labor
  • Copy of commercial license from employer
  • What are the visa photo requirements for UAE?
  • Below is a list of requirements for photos to meet the approval of the UAE standards:

The photo must include a completely white background, i.e., no patterns
Only photos in color are accepted; black and white photos do not meet the requirements
A photo must include the following: head, shoulders, ears, and hair
The photo must be a close-up of your face, with 70-80% of the space taken up by your face

UAE Visa Types

These UAE types are some of the most popular options for a UAE visa:

  • 48-hour visa
  • 96-hour visa
  • UAE tourist visas (single entry, multi-entry)
  • Study or training entry visa
  • UAE residence visas (student, work, family, retirement, digital nomad/freelance)
  • Long-term resident visa (requires a substantial donation for a 5-10 year stay)

What is UAE Evisa?

Instead of a physical copy of a visa, a UAE evisa is available for travelers. This evisa only applies to eligible citizens for short visits to the United Arab Emirates. It's important to note that an evisa is only available for tourism purposes. Other visiting purposes, such as business, require a standard visa.

Travelers from countries such as Afghanistan, Ecuador, and Latvia are eligible for a United Arab Emirates Online Visa. Unfortunately, citizens of the U.S. are not eligible for a UAE evisa at this time.

What are UAE Evisa requirements?

UAE evisa requirements are much like the requirements of a standard UAE visa. The following are necessary for applying for a UAE evisa:

  • The passport is valid for at least six months from the date of travel. Must also note the traveler is a resident of an eligible country.
  • Picture of the biographical passport page
  • Photo of the visitor which meets UAE standards
  • Payment method (credit or debit card) for fees
  • Accessible email address for receipt of the evisa

How much does a UAE visa cost?

The cost for a UAE visa depends on the type of visa chosen, the length of stay, whether it's a single or multi-entry visa, and the method by which it is procured. For example, applying for a visa through certain websites may incur an additional processing fee.

How can I get a visa for UAE?

50+ countries can receive a visa on arrival in the UAE. This type of visa is free and allows for a stay of up to 30 days. Otherwise, visitors can apply for a visa online or through a hotel, travel agency, airline, or tour operator. 

If you're unsure which steps to take, contact us via our "Services" tab. We can help you apply for a visa or offer more information on which steps to take to receive a UAE visa.


How long does a UAE visa take?

The processing time for a UAE visa depends on the type of visa selected. Generally, most visas take about 4-7 business days for processing time. However, certain visas, such as freelance or inside-the-country visas, can take longer. Once approved, you must enter the UAE within 60 days from the visa issue date. For shorter visa stays (48-hour and 96-hour visas), you must enter the country within 30 days from the issue date.


What is Abu Dhabi transit visa?

The Abu Dhabi transit visa, also known as a transit visa, is valid for 14 days from the date of entry in the UAE. An Abu Dhabi transit visa is ideal for those who have a layover in Abu Dhabi of eight hours or more. This visa allows you to explore the city and view the local attractions. A valid passport with a minimum of six months before the expiry date is required for this type of visa.


Do I need a Dubai visa?

You do not need a Dubai visa if you already have a UAE visa. Seven emirates comprise the UAE, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain. The same applies to a Dubai evisa. If you already have a UAE evisa or visa, you do not need an additional Dubai evisa. 


How can I extend my UAE visa?

If you are already in the UAE, you can extend a tourist visa for 30 days two times. This extension can be done at the immigration offices for an additional fee. You can also extend your stay through our "Services" tab for a more convenient and easier option. Each visa and visa extension service is clearly outlined with processing times, fees, and length of stay.