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Ten countries' citizens don't need to worry about Jordan Visa requirements; they are visa-exempt. Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Turkey, and Egypt. Others include Lebanon, UAE, Palestine, and Saudi Arabia. People from other countries need to understand the rules for getting a Jordan visa. Let's explore some of these. 
So if you have been wondering, ‘where do I get a visa for Jordan?’ The answer is that Jordanian visa is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Jordanian missions abroad. There are, however, various ways provided for one to apply.

Getting the Jordan Visa

These visas are usually issued at the Queen Alia Airport and Sheikh Hussein Bridge; these are the country's two main ports of entry. You will be issued with an arrival visa application form to fill and give support documents to the immigration authorities. 

How much is Jordan visa?

This visa costs 40 Jordanian Dinar, which is about 57 USD.