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Gabon visa types:

Gabon visa types are as follows:

  1. Visa on arrival to Gabon.
  2. E-visa to Gabon
  3. Gabon residence permit (for long-term residence)


Gabon visa requirements

The requirements for a visa to Gabon depend on the type of visa and the country to which you are applying. However, there are important documents that must be presented regardless of the type of visa:

  • Passport
  • Photo
  • Any supporting documents proving the purpose of your trip
  • Flight ticket (return) and hotel/apartment reservation/invitation letter for tourism purposes
  • Invitation letter for business or private visit


Gabon E-visa

You can make a planned trip to Gabon by obtaining a visa to Gabon. Foreign nationals can apply for short-term Gabon visas (electronic visa, visa on arrival) for temporary reasons (tourism, business, cultural and other short-term purposes). 

All citizens are eligible for an online visa (electronic) Gabon E-visa. The average processing time for an electronic visa to Gabon is 15 business days.


Gabon E-visa photo requirements

Must not be older than six months. Front view of the face covering 70-80% (32-26 mm) of the photograph. On a white background.
Clear facial features and eyes-not covered by hair or eyeglass frames.
Gabon e visa photo size 3.5x4.5


Gabon visa fees

The fee for a visa to Gabon on arrival is €70 for a single entry visa and €185 + €15 as administrative fee  for a multiple entry visa (this may vary slightly depending on your country and nationality).

The fee for an electronic visa to Gabon is also €70 for a single entry visa and €185 + €15 as administrative fee for a multiple entry visa (this may vary slightly depending on your country and nationality). You will pay the visa fee at the airport when the eVisa sticker is delivered to you.


Can you obtain a visa on arrival Gabon?

All EU citizens and citizens of certain countries/territories can obtain a visa on arrival to Gabon for up to 90 days:

In most cases, the visa validity period is 90 days. In any case, the government of Gabon advises foreigners to obtain an electronic visa in advance in order to avoid some problems/misunderstandings upon arrival.

How to apply for a visa to Gabon?

We can assist you in obtaining your visa. To apply for a Gabon visa, you need to choose the "Services" section on our website by selecting your citizenship and country of residence, where you can find all the information you need.