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You can make a planned trip by obtaining a Côte d'Ivoire visa. Foreign nationals can apply for short-term visas to Côte d'Ivoire (tourist visa, electronic visa) for temporary reasons (tourism, business, culture, health, studies, and other short-term purposes). If you want to stay in Côte d'Ivoire for a longer period for any reason (e.g., study, work, etc.), you can also apply for a long-term visa in Côte d'Ivoire.

Do I need a Ivory Coast visa? 

You likely need an Ivory Coast visa, as only a few countries are on the visa-free list. A visa is required regardless of the length of stay in the Ivory Coast. Citizens of many countries are eligible for Ivory Coast evisa, which may be applied for online. 

The following list of countries are on the visa-free list for the Ivory Coast:

  • Benin
  • Congo
  • Chad
  • Senegal
  • Seychelles
  • Singapore
  • Ghana
  • Philippines

How to apply for Côte d'Ivoire visa?

We provide quick and easy service to assist you in obtaining your visa. To apply for a Côte d'Ivoire visa, you need to choose the "Services" section on our website and then select your citizenship and country of residence, where you can find all the information you need.

After entering your information, you can select which Ivory Coast visa best fits your needs, whether traveling for business or pleasure. If any questions arise during your application process, please contact us via our "Contact" page.

Côte d'Ivoire Visa Requirements 

Citizens of the respective nationalities can fill out their e-visa application and pay visa fees on a unique website in a few minutes. You can get a visa with a scanned photo, passport, and credit card.

First, you must apply for pre-registration to obtain an electronic visa for Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) by registering certain personal information and uploading some documents.

After pre-registration, you must pay the visa fee, valid for three months (multiple entries).

Payment is made by VISA or MASTERCARD.

The applicant receives an instant email when the payment is made (accompanied by an attachment displaying the unique and personal payment certificate code).

How much is Ivory Coast visa?

A visa for Ivory Coast is around €73, depending on the type of visa obtained and the length of stay. The fee can vary depending on which method you use for the application and which company you work with. 

How long does it take to get a visa to Ivory Coast?

It can take anywhere from two to seven days to receive a visa to Ivory Coast. It is important to note that this timeline refers to working days. Weekends and holidays are not included in this length of time. It is necessary to account for non-working days during the processing time to ensure that a visa approval aligns with your travel dates.

What is Ivory Coast evisa?

The Ivory Coast evisa is a convenient way for travelers to obtain a visa online. The evisa Côte d'Ivoire applies to hundreds of nationalities. For some countries, an evisa is sent to you via email upon approval. However, approval of the evisa Côte d'Ivoire means you must pick up a printed version. This printed version is available at the Abidjan Airport. It is important to carry this printed evisa with you at all times during your travels in the Ivory Coast.

This visa for Ivory Coast is a multiple-entry type with validity for up to three months (90 days) from your arrival in the country. It's important to note that even though the validity is 90 days, you can only stay a maximum of 30 days in the country for an approved visa. If you require another stay after the 30 days, you will need to begin the visa approval process again, as there are no extensions for a visa Côte d'Ivoire.

How do I get a resident permit in Ivory Coast?

Those who wish to stay in the Ivory Coast long-term must apply for a residency permit. Depending on your country of origin, there are two routes you can take to obtain a residency permit in Ivory Coast. You may either need to obtain a short-term or long-term visa Côte d'Ivoire. The visa length depends on your nationality, the country in which you reside, and the regulations for the visa at the embassy you visit. 

In many cases, a short-term visa to Ivory Coast will be provided. Upon arrival in Ivory Coast, you can apply for a resident permit. It's important to note that the reason for applying for a residence permit must match the intent for applying for the initial visa to Ivory Coast.

Long-term visa requirements

Some of the requirements for a long-term visa overlap with a short-term visa. For example, a valid passport that does not expire for at least six months, a complete visa application form, and passport photos are also required for a long-term visa. Additional requirements include the following:

  • Permit of residency
  • Travel itinerary
  • Proof of local occupation can include a sponsor letter
  • Proof of income/financial means
  • Medical insurance
  • DST approval
  • Documents that display your reason for traveling to Ivory Coast
  • Copy of receipt of original online payment
  • International Certificate of Vaccination Against Yellow Fever
  • Appointment Confirmation Certificate

How many countries is Ivory Coast visa-free?

Ivory Coast has a list of 23 visa-free countries. Depending on your country of residence, the length of time you can stay in the Ivory Coast without a visa is different. For example, Chad citizens can stay in Ivory Coast for up to 90 days in the country sans visa. However, citizens of other visa-free countries may only be allowed to stay in Ivory Coast for a maximum of 30 days. 

How do I get a work permit for Cote d'Ivoire?

Those traveling to Ivory Coast for work must acquire a work permit. This permit will allow you to work and live in Ivory Coast. Typically, a work permit in Ivory Coast has an expiry date of one year. This permit is renewable for an additional year. The following steps are required to receive an Ivory Coast work permit:

  • The intended employee properly fills out the required paperwork and documents before submitting them to the nearest Ivory Coast Embassy.
  • The employer must also submit paperwork and documents, such as an employment contract to the Labor Office located in the Ivory Coast.
  • Once the Ministry of Security approves, the employee will receive a work and residency visa. 

Ivory Coast visa for US citizen

Any US citizens who plan to travel to Ivory Coast will need a visa. You are eligible for a tourist or business Ivory Coast visa as a US citizen. Once you apply for an Ivory Coast visa for US citizen and it is approved, the visa is valid for 90 days. Both types of visas allow you to stay in Ivory Coast for a maximum of 30 days. 

It's important to note business travelers may need to fill in additional requirements for visa approval. You may also need to provide proof of travel or return after your visit to the Ivory Coast to gain visa approval. Additionally, a business visa may allow less time in Ivory Coast. Those who wish to spend more time in Ivory Coast must apply for a new visa, as visa extensions are not offered.