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There are three main types of Colombia visas:

  • Colombia Tourist Visa (Short Stay Tourist Visa)
  • Colombia Migration (Long Stay) Visa
  • Resident visa for Colombia

You can carry out your planned trip to Colombia by obtaining a Colombia visa. Reasons for applying for this visa can be tourism, visiting family or friends, business travel, short-term education, exchange programs and many other non-permanent nuances. Foreign applicants can stay in Colombia for a maximum of 90 days with a temporary (tourist, business and other short-term purposes) visa.

If you wish to stay in Colombia for a longer period for any reason (e.g., study, work, etc.) you can also apply for a long-term (resident) visa to Colombia.

Colombia E-visa

The Colombia online visa application allows eligible nationals to quickly obtain an eVisa for Colombia and avoid having to stand in long border queues to obtain a visa on arrival or visit the Colombian embassy in person to apply for a visa.

The Colombia eVisa can be issued for various purposes, such as a Colombia tourist visa, a business visa, and an event visa, among several other visa types.

Colombia visa requirements

General instructions of visa requirements:

  • Have a valid passport or travel document.
  • Fill in the electronic visa application form.
  • Photo size 3.5x4.5 cm

For more information about required documents, you can find them on our website under the ‘’Services’’ section.

Colombia visa fee

When you apply for a visa for Colombia, you need to pay two different fees: a visa application fee and then another fee if your visa application is successful.

  1.  Colombia visa fee: The cost of the visa varies depending on your country of residence:

Visa fee is 45 USD, but there are some exceptions with different nationalities;

19 USD for Algeria

26 USD for Bulgaria

25 USD for China(P.R.)

20 USD for Haiti

25 USD for Egypt

39 USD for India

25 USD for Iran

20 USD for Kenya

        2.  Second Colombian visa fee (only if you are obtaining a visa): It varies depending on the country of your residence and the type of visa for which you are applying.

In addition, you may also be required to pay other administrative fees such as Visa Application Centre fees, courier fees, etc., depending on the country and where you apply.