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Information about Azerbaijan Visa


Are you planning a trip to Azerbaijan?

You need to apply for an Azerbaijani visa. There are different options for getting an Azerbaijan visa for US citizens.

You can apply for an Azerbaijan visa for a short-term visit. There are two categories for such cases:

  • Tourist visa
  • E-visa for Azerbaijan

Both options for an Azerbaijan visa will allow you to visit the country for a short time.

Most of the time, people visit Azerbaijan for different reasons. The temporary visits could be for

  • Tourism
  • Business meetings
  • Cultural exploration
  • Or for any other short-term purposes

A tourist visa to Azerbaijan is for applicants who visit Azerbaijan for tourism. 

If you plan a prolonged stay in the country, a temporary visa or e-visa option is not suitable for you.

If you are traveling to Azerbaijan for long-term commitments related to

  • Studies
  • Work
  • Or anything else,

You will have to apply for a long-term visa. The long-term visa option is more likely to include a residence permit in Azerbaijan. If you get a visa to Azerbaijan, you can plan long-term studies or any other goal you want.

The Azerbaijan Business Visa is compulsory if you want to enter the country. It allows you to enter Azerbaijan and stay here for the maximum time. A specific time will be mentioned on your visa for Azerbaijan. You can only stay in Azerbaijan until that time limit ends.

The visa for Azerbaijan entitles its holder to engage in business-related activities. You are allowed to:

  • Attend meetings or conferences
  • Conduct training
  • Conduct internal audits
  • Install equipment
  • Perform other temporary services for a client, local branch, or affiliate in Azerbaijan.


Different types of Azerbaijan Visa

Following are different Azerbaijan visa types you can choose depending on the duration and purpose of your stay.

Short-Term Visas or C Type

For your short-term visit of less than 30 days to Azerbaijan, you can apply for the following visa types.

  • Azerbaijan Tourist Visa

An Azerbaijan tourist visa is issued to individuals or groups who wish to visit Azerbaijan for sightseeing purposes. If your country d is not eligible for visa-free entry to Azerbaijan, you have to provide additional documents. The documents include the following:

  • Financial details
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Travel insurance valid throughout the stay
  • A return ticket


  • Fair Participation Visa or Azerbaijan Business Visa

A fair participation visa or an Azerbaijan business is granted for individuals planning to visit the country for business activities. Invitation documents from professional chambers and organizations should be attached to the application.

  • Azerbaijan Family, Friend, or Relative Visit Visa

An Azerbaijan family, friend, or relative visit visa is for those who want to visit a family member or a friend living in Azerbaijan. To get the visa, you have to attach the invitation letter from the person you are visiting with your application.


  • Azerbaijan Visa for short-term Education or Internship Purpose


An Azerbaijan short-term education visa is granted to international students who apply to any institute for university projects or special occasions for less than three months. The student has to include documents of sufficient means of subsistence, proof of accommodation, and an admission letter from the receiving institution.


Long-Term Visa or D Type


D-type visas are required for stays that exceed three months for varying purposes in Azerbaijan. You have to apply for a long-term visa permit even if your nationality is from any visa-free list country. The following cases can apply for a long-term visa to Azerbaijan:

  • Student (For higher education, language course, or long-term internship)
  • An employee will work for an Azerbaijan-based business.
  • An academic, researcher, or scientist working in a certified Azerbaijan research center
  • A person whose family member is an Azerbaijan citizen
  • A patient who is going to receive medical treatment at an Azerbaijan-located medical institution.

Azerbaijan E-visa 

Azerbaijan E-visa is an online method of obtaining a visa to travel to Azerbaijan.

To get an e-visa to Azerbaijan, you have to fill out an application form online. After completing the online application form, there is a processing fee that you have to submit to complete your application process. Once you have paid the processing fees, you will receive your electronic visa.

The e-visa for Azerbaijan is sent through email within three working days only if your application is approved and there is no error or issue. It depends on your chosen visa processing status and how quickly you will get your e-visa through email.

For single-entry visas, the Azerbaijan e-visa fee is US$26. The fees may vary depending on your country and nationality. You can request urgent processing of your e-visa for Azerbaijan. In that case, you will have to pay an additional fee for urgent processing.

Azerbaijan visa requirements 

The conditions and visa requirements vary depending on whether you apply for an electronic visa or through an embassy/consulate. 

Azerbaijan visa photo size

There must be two photos, not older than six months. Front view of face-cover 70-80% (32-26mm) of photo on white background. Azerbaijan visa photo size is 3x4.

Azerbaijan visa process

The average visa processing time for Azerbaijan is 3-5 business days. This depends on the country where you are applying for a visa. And the visa fee to Azerbaijan for foreign nationals is 26 USD (this may vary depending on your country and nationality).

  • Do you need a visa for Azerbaijan?

If you fall under the visa exemption category, you do not need a visa to Azerbaijan. You are welcome to visit our website, select the ‘’Services’’ section and choose your nationality and place of residence to find out whether you need to obtain a visa.

  • How to apply for an Azerbaijan visa?

You can apply for a visa to Azerbaijan on our website. You need to select the "Services" section and then select your nationality and country of residence for all the information you want. 

  • Can I get a visa on arrival in Azerbaijan?

The benefit of getting an Azerbaijan visa on arrival is that visitors can get their visa at any airport. Nevertheless, a limited number of country residents are allowed to take this action. The visa is valid for thirty days after its arrival, and a single entry is allowed for most other countries.

  • What is Visa Sponsorship for Azerbaijan?

Visa sponsorship is required in Azerbaijan if you can't bear your educational expenses. Or you are a tourist and can't afford the costs of tourist purposes during the stay. Your sponsor could be your parent, sibling, other relatives, or a friend. However, it would increase the chances of obtaining a visa if the sponsor is a first-degree relative with a permanent residence permit or citizenship in Azerbaijan. The required documents that the sponsor should include are:

  • A confirmation letter that clearly states the relationship with you. It also states how and what expenses will be covered by the sponsor and the contact details of you and your sponsor.
  • An invitation letter with accommodation details if your sponsor is a resident or citizen of Azerbaijan
  • A scanned copy of the ID or passport of you and your sponsor
  • Proof of financial stability including bank statements or paychecks
  • Proof of business ownership (if applicable)
  • Receipt of the state fee for the application
  • Visa sponsorship for Azerbaijan are also given for long-term stays for business trips or any other reasons.


  • How long does it take to get an Azerbaijan visa?

An Azerbaijan visa takes three to five working days to be issued. If you want your visa urgently, you can apply for an “Urgent e-visa,” which only takes hours to be issued.